Communicating via the written (and spoken) word is the hallmark of all relationships.

I'm a published author (Define Your Passion | Embrace: Meditations from A Word of Truth), a blogger (JonnyPleasant.com), a contributor to Trip Advisor (JDtheSpeaker), have co-written and taught a real estate continuing education course, and author my own programs for delivery as a professional speaker (espeakers.com).

Writing on any of the following subjects taps into my personal enjoyment of same:
Marriage | Parenthood | Travel | The Outdoors (camping, boating, water skiing, hunting and fishing) | Sports (American football, baseball, golf, and soccer) | Cinema | Live Theatre | Cuisine and Dining Out.

My love of the language has largely informed my professional life as noted below:
Consultant, Coaching, Business Development, Keynote, Emcee, Sales, and Paralegal.

I believe every outdoor activity, every job, and every facet of our lives, personal or professional, enables and informs our next opportunity to learn, grow, and develop. It's all available when we choose to access and apply it.

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I need a another 1000 word article logo design related.

Aug 2, 2018

Jerry did a great job and got started right away. Thank you.
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Fluent - I have complete command of this language with perfect grammar

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