I've been a freelancer working from home for over ten years now, and in the past seven years, I've been growing as a professional writer. I earned my business degree online from Kaplan University and really found that I was able to thrive in a virtual environment.

I also draw on the variety of jobs that I held when I was younger to help me with understanding how to research and write up a variety of articles. In college and as a recent graduate when I earned an associate degree from my local community college, I worked in libraries. I've also had plenty of retail jobs, worked at my local zoo, was a health and life insurance agent, and was a corrections officer in an urban jail for two years.

My massive variety of interests help me to not only have lots of trivia tidbits to pass along but assists me with my writing. I have a real passion for research and always love to learn something new.

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Blog posts for coupon oriented web stie

Mar 1, 2019

Work was turned over quickly and very happy with the quality.

I need a 2000 to 2500 word article on how to become a freelancer

Oct 8, 2018

She wrote an article for us over 2000 words and it was very detailed and informative. Great work.

Need a writer for a freelance related article

Jun 13, 2018

Very happy with her writing skills. She wrote an article for us that was business and freelance related. Thank you.
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