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Dedicated novelist and professional copy writer with an interest in health and well-being, lifestyle, top 5/10 tips articles, parenting, SEO practices, business and startups, and much more.


-Creating unique content for clients in a huge variety of subjects and formats.
-Following deadlines.
-Personalizing the voice and style of the article to match that of a website.
-Researching unknown subjects and gathering information in an organized way.
-Putting effort into writing and making it easily readable.
-Using SEO practices to make the article easily found on search engines.

Work History

Copy Writer, Coalition Technologies, 2013/2015

-Category pages
-Product descriptions
-Hundreds of assignments completed

Copy Writer, Textbroker, 2012/Current

-Over 1700 articles sold
-100 percent acceptance rate
-Highly rated articles

Recent Work History & Feedback  

Need a business related blog post

Jul 5, 2018

She did her research and delivered a great article. Thank you.
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Native or Bilingual - I have complete command of this language, including breadth of vocabulary, colloquialisms and idioms

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