I turn your features into benefits, your plain text into exciting copy, and descriptions into reasons why customer should click your links, buy from you, or make contact.

Your project will be written with the benefit of my 6 years of sales and marketing experience, which means you get finished copy that does what you want it to do.

Throughout my career I’ve successfully used the written word to achieve results with website content, advertorials, articles, blog posts, and sales letters and emails. Now I can offer you the same results for all your online and offline requirements.

You can choose the tone of the copy, from a formal or business tone, to a friendly informal and conversational style.

You can choose the level of persuasion, from hard sell to a gentle presentation of information, or a consultative approach that uses benefits to motivate readers to act.

Your copy can be written in UK English or American English.

You will receive engaging copy that uses the techniques that have been successful for a wide range of companies, and has also helped me to achieve my own goals as a freelance writer.

When I write for you I start by understanding the objective of the content. What it is that you want the reader to do, and the action you want them to take.


I can offer you:

• Web content text– All types of pages, search engine friendly.
• Editing existing content – Rewriting for readers and search engines.
• Blog pages – E-zine text – Newsletters – Benefit focused to increase conversion rates.
• Product descriptions – Interesting and engaging pages for online and offline use.
• Sales pages - For online or hard copy use, using proven sales methods.
• Sales letters and emails – Aimed at getting the desired response from a target audience.
• All types of advert text - including Job adverts, short text for images, and full pages.
• Sales scripts – The complete sales pitch or just the presentation.

If there is anything you have in mind that isn’t covered here, click the contact button and let’s talk.

My focus is on writing effective content, I don’t supply images, and I don’t build websites. What I do is write engaging and persuasive original content, customized for you. I use the techniques that have been successful for me in many freelancing roles, and that have also helped me to achieve my goals for my own businesses.

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