The edge I bring clients is an intuitive grasp of what will "sell" and how to "sell" it. That could be an idea, cause, brand, company, product or service.

I first demonstrated that when, at age 11, I pitched successfully an essay about my relationship to my dolls to a Newark, New Jersey newspaper. Throughout my communications career I continue to market that meme. This post on my syndicated blog receives sustained traffic http://speechwriting-ghostwriting.typepad.com/speechwriting_ghostwritin/2011/02/criminal-minds-another-one-of-those-female-serial-killers.html

Together, clients and I focus on how to position and package their messaging in order to 1) maximize attention, and 2) motivate target markets to take action. The goal is always results.

I operate in all formats, for all mediums, in all voices, for all topics.

Essentially, it was full-time employment in the Fortune 100 which trained me in the communications skills required to be effective. Employers ranged from Chevron to Chrysler. However, the tremendous leaps in creativity came after launching my own boutique specializing in marketing and advocacy communications.

Daily I learn more about what is selling and how through my three award-winning syndicated blogs housed in the Library of Congress. Also they make me a paid influencer. They are: http://janegenova.com, http://lawandmore.typepad.com, and http://over-50.typepad.com.

My number-one interest is analyzing what is going on in how human beings communicate. That was developed during my doctoral studies at the University of Michigan in linguistics and literature. It started as a nerdy kid growing up on the mean streets of pre-gentrified Jersey City, NJ. Isolated, I learned to listen.

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Native or Bilingual - I have complete command of this language, including breadth of vocabulary, colloquialisms and idioms

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