My name is James Nguma. I'm A B2B Martech and Tech content marketer, ghostwriter, and blogger.
I help companies and business owners grow their business through content creation and marketing.

I create content that speaks directly to my clients' target audience. Content that educates informs, builds trust and loyalty and helps solve clients' pain points such as

1. Marketing their brand
2. Attracting high-quality leads through content marketing
3. Converting leads to clients
4. Optimizing their website to reach a high number of potential clients
5. Acquiring clients and retaining existing ones

I research keywords potential clients use in the search for content. I then use these keywords to create high-quality content that is keyword optimized for high ranking on search engines.

Through the content, I provide actionable tips and ways potential clients can use to solve their pain points. The content directs leads to clients' website and help them market their services.

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Fluent - I have complete command of this language with perfect grammar

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