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Photo Editor

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Hi, these are the services that i can do for you:
- Background Removing/Changing,
- Objects Removing/Changing/Adding,
- Skin Retouching and Enhancing,
- Profile Picture Retouching & Enhancing,
- Color Changing,
- Coloring black and white photos,
- Restoring old damaged photos,
- Merging Photos,
- Photos Resizing and Cropping,
- Remove Moles, Acne marks, Pimples, Scars, Tattoos, Blemishes e.t.c. ,
- Whiten Teeth,
- Body Reshaping,
- Removing Double Chin, Eye Bags, Wrinkles e.t.c. ,
- Enhance Real Estate Photos, Exposure, Color, Contrast and more.

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Need someone to help test our system and give feedback

Mar 16, 2018

Very good communication and delivered the work on time. Thank you!
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Conversational - I know this language well enough to verbally discuss any job details with a client

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