I spent over 10 years of my life working in an industry most people dream of working in. The pet industry. In those ten years, I learned many things. Of course, most of my educated was based on the care of animals.

But, there was one valuable lesson I will never forget. That lesson was that you can't go into the industry because you're "tired of working with people". (Trust me, we hear that phrase a lot working with pet owners.) In fact, to really succeed and give the animals the care they deserve, you have to like people.

For over 2 years now I have been able to share that knowledge with many. Including pet owners, pet businesses, and soon-to-be and current employees of the industry. Not only have I accomplished this through word-of-mouth. I've also accomplished it by helping pet businesses reach their target audience on the world wide web.

Working with animal and pet-focused companies (and other industries, too), I've curated general website content, audience targeted blog post, and social media content and presence.

In addition to creating content, I have also helped build Wordpress websites. As well as revamp websites ensuring that they are search engine optimized. Which is pretty important if you want to rank above the rest in the huge world wide web jungle out here.

I'm a native English speaker and writer. All content I produce is original. I also make sure to cite all sources I may have to use. My writing tone can also range from conversational to strictly business. It's about what fits you and your audience's needs.

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I need an article around 1000 words

Oct 25, 2018

She did a fantastic job on the article. Thank you!
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