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Virtual Assistant / Ongoing

Primary Platforms
Amazon Seller Central
Inventory Source

Secondary Platforms
Distributor (Dropshipper) Customer Portal for United Natural Foods Incorporated (UNFI) / Honest Green
Distributor (Dropshipper) Customer Portal for KeHE Primary
Manage dozens of Seller Applications in Amazon Seller Central
Manage and correct hundreds of inactive listings due to pricing or listing errors
Manage Minimum Advertised Pricing (MAP) policies on dozens of products

Learn and move between platforms quickly
Manipulate large amounts of data including text, numerical, and marketing copy to move between platforms without error
Problem solve and troubleshoot to develop shortcuts and automate tasks
Comply with standard legal and copywrite standards including obtaining permissions without rejection utilizing persuasive, nuanced communication
Communicate with principal via email, text, and telephone without getting bogged down in details Respond, adapt, anticipate, show initiative, demonstrate energy, and enthusiasm,

Narrative Primary Objectives
Assistant will assemble and submit pro forma application information and supporting documentation for Seller Applications within Amazon Seller Central for ~90 brands. This is largely a repetitive and duplicative effort with some follow through for a portion of the brands. Prior to Application, each brand will be verified as an item available via dropshipper.
Assistant will review ~1100 listings on Amazon Seller Central and compare ASIN with SKU in SellerActive, Inventory Source, and UNFI & KeHE portals and correct pricing & quantity listing errors.
Assistant will review ~15 Minimum Advertising Pricing (MAP) policies to adjust pricing algorithms within SellerActive in order to comply with MAP policies on ~150 products as well as verify the algorithms are maintaining the MAP Secondary Objective Each primary objective will be maintained as ongoing issues arise Titles, descriptions, sizes, attributes, enhancements in each listing will be optimized for sales, marketing, and SEO in a segmented fashion based category and brand prioritization.
Screenshots of platform UI can be provided

This is an ongoing task. If work is aggressive, enthusiastic, spirited & skilled budget will see commensurate increases and become ongoing

Budget: $25.00 /Hourly

Skills Required

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Pedro L
Jun 18, 2019
Pedro L  Venezuela
Jun 18, 2019
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Jun 15, 2019

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