How It Works

Hire the right freelancers
Post your project, 100% free. Within minutes, you can expect to start receiving bids on your project.

Our freelancers can handle a wide variety of projects, big or small. Whether you need a website programmer, blog post writer, graphic designer, or a programmer to build a mobile app, you'll find hand-picked talent on FreelanceMyWay ready to go to work for you.

At FreelanceMyWay we understand the importance of having both quality clients and quality freelancers. We screen all of our freelancers before they can bid on jobs. We require all freelancers to fill out an application as well as provide work history and some personal information that must be researched and approved by our quality assurance team.
Manage jobs from anywhere
Browse Freelancer profiles. Once you find the perfect Freelancer, select them to work on your project, and get started right away
Pay only for a job well done
You're in total control of when each payment is sent. Pay and release payments safely using our milestone payment system, through which you release payments based on your time line and goals reached.

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How it work
Find Work, Get Hired
Create a free profile showcasing your creative skills. Employers looking to hire a freelancer will find you based on your skill set. The previous work you include in your profile will ensure your future employer you are qualified for the job. You can also search and apply for any jobs that interest you. We do not charge monthly fees or have restrictions on the amount of bids you can place on jobs.
Manage your work from anywhere
We make it easy to manage your jobs. Create milestones, share files, and easily communicate and agree upon payment schedules.
Get paid quickly & securely
Our secure payment system guarantees all your transactions are safe. All clients are required to verify payment and make a deposit before your project begins. You're then paid based on a milestone system: once you reach each milestone, and the employer approves your work, funds are released to you. This is the most secure and effective system that works great for both sides!

Need help or have questions? Please Call: 614-551-6464