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When hiring a freelance programmer it's important you ask for examples of their work and find out how much experience they have. Using a platform like FreelanceMyWay allows you to look at the work history and the amount of experience they have.

What is Python Programming?

Python programming is a general-purpose programming language used for developing prototypes, websites, and applications. Guido Van Rossum developed and released it in 1991 to succeed ABC programming language with a simpler programming language that has greater capabilities. He named it after the comedian group Monty Python. It is the base program for most websites in operation today such as Google search engine, NASA, Youtube, Disney and many more because it is designed for speed and it's less complicated compared to other object-oriented programming languages.

Features of Python Programing

It has a unique syntax that focuses on readability which allows developers to read and translate it more easily compared to other languages. This helps in reducing the cost of program maintenance and development because different teams can work together without language barriers. It is usually used in Rapid Application Development as it offers dynamic typing and dynamic binding options. It can be embedded into any application and can run on any operating systems including Linux, Mac, and Windows. It is an open- source language that can be taught to a beginner.
Its codes are designed in a modular style, and they can be used across a variety of projects because it supports the use modules and packages. It is easy to import and export modules to other projects. The standard library has two modules (Intertools and functools), and the interpreter is available free of charge, and thus it is the best option for developers who have a limited development budget.

Uses of Python Programming

It is used to develop different applications such as web applications, software applications, scientific and numeric applications, network programming, 3D applications, games, and other business applications. It is also used as a scripting and automation language to automate interactions with web browsers or application GUIs or to do system provisioning and configuration in tools such as Salt and Ansible. Data science or machine learning also uses Python interfaces.

Python downloads with an extensive library containing codes for various purposes such as web browsers, regular expressions, threading, databases, CGI, email and much more. There is no need for writing a complete code manually for most programs.

It is extensible and can be extended to other languages such as C++ or C. This is a variable in project development.

Python code is embeddable meaning it can be added to the source code of a different language which allows scripting capabilities to the python code in another language.

It is simple and easy to use because it does not require creating a class to do simple commands like print. It is easy to learn and understand and code.

Python Programming is Write Once Run Anywhere (WORA) capable meaning that its applications can be run anywhere as long as there are no system-dependent features.
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Finding and hiring freelance Python programmers with FreelanceMyWay is a simple process. Click "Post Job" and fill out the job brief describing in detail what you need. Once your job has been launched our freelance community will bid on your job. Once you find the perfect freelancer you can safely hire them using our online platform.
- A large and in-depth library for support
- Community development and open source
- Learning is easy and plenty of support is available
- It's fast and efficient
Google, Quora, Dropbox,Yahoo!, Reddit, Instagram and Spotify are just a few.