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Before hiring a PHP Developer, you should have a general understanding of what PHP is and what to look for when hiring for your job.

In 1995, this language was officially called "Personal Home Page Tools, which was the first use of the name "PHP". PHP code is a very common and popular server-side scripting language developed for websites but also used as a general-purpose programming language.

With the PHP language, programmers can build all types of applications, programs, and websites. PHP is very robust and has the ability to access a wide range of databases, generate HTML content on-the-fly, encrypt data, generate PDF or Excel documents on the fly, perform mathematical equations, create images on the fly, and much more.

There are many features and benefits PHP can offer. PHP is used in many popular websites such as Facebook, WordPress, Wikipedia, Yahoo and many more.

At FreelanceMyWay, you'll find many talented PHP programmers ready to tackle any projects you might have.

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"I was so thrilled to find FreelanceMyWay when starting my business. I found someone to build my website and create a custom design for my boutique. Thank You." (Amy L. Denver, Co.)

"I was looking for a programmer to build a custom DB for my website. I created a job post describing what I was looking for and within a few hours I had 5 bids. I found and hired the right freelancer for my job". (Mark D. Houston, TX.)

"I wish I would have found you guys years ago. I have used you guys several times now. I found a freelance writer, programmer and a designer through your company. Thanks!". (Carol B. Chicago IL)
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Frequently Asked Questions

At FreelamceMyWay we made sure the process very simple and safe to use. All you have to do it click "Post Job" and describe your project in detail so the freelancers can give you accurate bids. It's free to post a job.

Once you post your job you will begin to receive bids from our PHP freelance developers. When you see the freelancer that best fits your needs, simply click "Hire Freelancer" and begin to work on your project. You can create milestone payments and release payments as you are satisfied and the work is being done.
PHP is a coding language that generally resides on a web server ( Computers that deliver web pages.) PHP when coded properly, creates dynamic images and dynamic content used on the web and websites.

When PHP was originally created it stood for Personal Home Page. It now stands for Hypertext Processor.
- PHP runs on many platforms
- PHP is a well known language mastered by a lot of programmers
- It has speed and stability
- It's open source and has powerful library support
HTML is a language used to display images, text and other objects in a browser window, such as Firefox, Chrome and Safari. HTML is not a programming language. PHP is a scripting language coded to develop web pages written in HTML.