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When it's time for you to hire a logo designer it's important that your designer has a good understanding of your business, your competitors and the message you want to portray through your logo design, to your target audience.

Your graphic designer should have plenty experience and understand the importance of branding, and that your logo should have a unique element, that makes your logo stand out from your competition. A good logo designer will know that your logo should be simple, versatile, and easy to remember at a glance. A logo that's too detailed is messy and hard to remember. You only have seconds to make a first impression, you'll need to make it a good one.

FreelanceMyWay has some of the best logo designers and graphic designers in the world, ready to work with you on creating a unique, creative logo for your business.

See what our customers have to say about our logo designers.

"I posted a job looking for a logo design for my new Bar. I briefly described the theme of the bar and the type of logo I was looking for. The response was overwhelming. I had 20 bids the first day the job was opened. I hired a logo designer for the job and I couldn't be happier with the process. (Marty D. Salt Lake City, UT)

"My logo was old and needed updated. I posted my current logo letting them know I needed it updated. The designer I hired did a fantastic job. He showed me many font examples until we found the perfect font. My logo is now fresh! (Kim R. NYC)

"I needed a complete website design. I was really happy with the entire process. Thanks! (Rick W. Sarasota, FL)

"I'm clueless when it comes to website graphic design and working with Photoshop and adobe. It would take me months to learn how to use them. My graphic designer knew these programs inside and out and showed me about 10 mock-ups of my website design before I selected the final design. The process was simple and affordable. Thanks Tara. (Anne B. SF, California)

"I posted my business details and few ideas of what I wanted out of my design and I received bids within a few hours. I had a total of about 10 designers that bid on my job. My designer delivered the logo in less than a day. I'm thrilled with my new logo and it looks great on our new company T-Shirts (Dan L. Miami, FL)
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Frequently Asked Questions

It's a very simple process. Just click "Post Job" and fill out the job brief explaining what type of logo you are looking for. You can also upload examples of designs you like to give the designers a good idea of what you are looking for.

Once your job listing goes live, you will start to receive bids from the freelance design community. You then select the logo designer of your choice and begin working on your design.
You will receive vector, high resolution files with your logo. A vector file can be scaled to any size without loss of quality. Industry standard logo files will include the following:
EPS - Encapsulated PostScript
PDF - Portable Document Format
Ai - Adobe Illustrator
PNG - Portable Network Graphics
JPG/JPEG - Joint Photographic Experts Group
Yes, It's standard to get a few variations of your logo. Different background colors, font colors, wording changes etc.
Yes, you will receive high resolution files that will allow you to print your logo on T-shirts, Mugs, Hats, Pens and other promotional products.
FreelanceMyWay has a safe pay system that allows you to hold payment inside your account until you receive the proper logo and logo files. Once you are happy with the logo, you simply release payment to your logo designer.
You want to make sure your logo is simple, memorable, versatile and appropriate for your business and brand. Our professional designers will help guide you through this process.
Yes, you will be assigned a dedicated account manager at FreelanceMyWay to help you through the process. It's our goal to make sure you are 100% satisfied with our freelancers and service.
When it comes to a budget for your logo design you should pay what you can afford. Some startups can't afford much, and other startups have a large budget. Logo designs can range from $50 to $1000 depending on how complex the design is. If you need a character for example, you should raise your budget. If you need a basic symbol, you can go on the lower end. Just keep in mind that you will attract the more talented logo designers with a higher budget.
The colors in a logo design have a lot of significance. Here’s what the different colors in a logo mean and convey:

Red – Red is the color of passion and exuberance. It’s a very bold color that is best used sparingly in a logo design so as not to overwhelm the viewer. When used correctly, though, red can excite a viewer and spur them into action.

Orange – Orange is a color used heavily to promote products aimed at children and teenagers. It’s a fun and energetic color that promotes a sense of excitement and adventure.

Yellow – Yellow is another lighthearted color that is used heavily in the promotion of children’s products. It’s bright, playful, and positive, though you have to be careful how you use it – yellow and black combined conveys danger while dull yellow is associated with sickness.

Green – The color of nature, green is associated with being natural, eco-friendly, and healthy. Therefore, it is often used to promote natural products or convey the idea that a business is eco-friendly. Green is also the color of cash and is used to convey a message of prosperity as well.

Turquoise – Turquoise is a bright and attractive color that works well for both men’s and women’s products. It conveys a message of beauty as well as clarity.

Blue – Blue is the most commonly used color in logo designs, and it is associated with intellect and thoughtfulness. It’s often used by technology companies, though the color blue can be incorporated into most any logo in a beneficial way.

Indigo – Indigo is a very modern color when it comes to logo designs, and the popularity of this color is increasing. Indigo is often used by banks, law firms, and educational institutions.

Purple – The color purple has a somewhat artificial feel to it since it is not readily found in nature. However, purple is also associated with royalty and wealth, so it can be used to convey a message of status and prosperity.

White – White is a color associated with purity and cleanliness, and it’s often used by medical and dental businesses in their logos. It is important to use splashes of other colors along with white in your logo, though, as using only white could make your logo look sterile and uninspired.

Black – Black is the color of power and authority. By itself, black can be a little intimidating. However, when combined with other colors black lends a sense of authority and status to a logo. Black is a common color used in a lot of logo designs.

Magenta – Magenta is a daring color not often seen in nature or in graphic design. Therefore, it’s a great color for businesses that want to promote their uniqueness and convey the idea that they have a different approach than their competitors.

Pink – Pink is a color associated with fun and femininity. As such, it’s best used by businesses that are geared toward women or small children.

Grey – Grey is a serious and neutral color that combines well with other colors to give a logo a sense of strength and authority without being as bold or intimidating as black.

Gold – The color gold conveys the idea of riches, status, and power. However, gold often does not have the same shine in digital art as it does in physical art, so use the color carefully if you plan to display your logo online.

Silver – Silver conveys the idea of craftsmanship and reliability, and it’s often used by businesses selling tools and appliances. Like gold, though, silver often does not have the same shine in digital art and instead ends up looking like a dark grey.

Brown – Like green, brown is a natural color that is associated with the earth and agriculture. It also conveys a message of strength and durability.
All of our graphic designers must submit a portfolio showcasing their design skills. Our quality assurance team thoroughly reviews each application to ensure quality bids on your job posting.