It's FREE to post a job. Click on "Post Job" and fill in the information describing what type of job you're looking for. Once this is complete and you submit your job, you will start to receive bids from Freelancers.

Our freelancers can handle a wide variety of projects, big or small. Whether you need a website programmer, blog post writer, graphic designer or a programmer to build a mobile app, you'll find hand picked talent on FreelanceMyWay ready to go to work for you.

At FreelanceMyWay we understand the importance of having both, good quality clients and freelancers. We screen all of our freelancers before they can bid on jobs. We require them to verify their email, provide work history and fill out a profile that must be approved by our research team.
How it work
Once you start to see bids coming in from freelancers, you can check their bid and work history to see of they are a good fit for your job.
Once you get all of the bids and have selected someone for your job simply click "Select Bid" and confirm you are ready to start working with your freelancer. When you make a deposit we charge a small processing of 2.75%. Choose to pay using MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover, or PayPal.
Sometimes a freelancer will requests a milestone payment, the employer can create one by depositing funds. We will then hold the funds until both the employer and the freelancer are satisfied with the work. A milestone payment is a certain % of the fee of a project that the client pays over the course of the project rather than paying 100% at the end. An example of a milestone payment would be, if you paid 50% now and the other 50% when the freelancer is finished with the job.
It's free to sign up as a Freelancer. We require all freelancers to go through a 3 step verification process to be accepted into our community. We do not charge monthly fees or have restrictions on the amount of bids you can place on jobs. Once you have been selected for a job we keep a service fee.
It's FREE to start a job and place bids as a freelancer. We charge freelancers a 20% service fee of any earnings on FreelanceMyWay. For example, if you agree to a $500 price for a job with a client, FreelanceMyWay would collect $100 from your payment.
When a dispute between a client and a freelancer is launched, a member of our dispute team will thoroughly review the job posting, the work that has been completed, messages back and forth between the client and the freelancer, and decide on a fair resolution. We want clients and freelancers both, to feel comfortable knowing that we have their best interest in mind.