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Job icon Research some Herbs

5 BidsBudget $20.00 Posted: Mar 19  (Freelancer Hired)
I Need someone to make Research on 20 different herbs. I’m searching for a tobacco Alternative so it’s important that all this herbs are save to smoke. I want to know: -the taste -durability -burning behavior/smoke behavior -storage -price -how does it combine with cannabis? Is it safe? Does it enhance the

Job icon Wordpress developer

11 BidsBudget $10.00 Posted: Mar 9  ( Closed for bidding )
Hi guys. I need to fix some bugs on my WordPress website. I need to change the font of the site's title and change the pictures. My website used the ocean theme. This is a simple job, so I am looking cheaper freelancer. Thank you. Michael

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15 BidsBudget $50.00 Posted: Mar 8  ( Closed for bidding )