About Us

Our mission at FreelanceMyWay is to provide an easy, reliable and safe solution for you to connect with businesses and freelancers from all over the world.

We see a demand in the marketplace to simplify the entire process while making sure both parties are completely satisfied with the results. We will focus on quality clients, freelancers, and providing incredible customer service, ensuring the best possible experience when using our service.

What does being a part of our community mean?
- We strive for fairness and respect within the community.
- We understand the importance of a strong customer support team.
- We will always value your time and talent, and will never take that for granted.
- We work closely with both freelancers and clients to ensure satisfaction.

What do we look for in our freelancers?
- Entrepreneurial drive and spirit
- Exceptional skills
- Great written and verbal communication
- Timely, consistent follow-up with clients
- Respect for clients, other freelancers, and the FreelanceMyWay team.

FreelanceMyWay is built and run by Entrepreneurs and freelancers that have used other services in the past and know what this industry is lacking and what it needs to provide an excellent experience.

If you should need help or have questions please call us at: 614-551-6464 or email us at Support@FreelanceMyWay.com